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We have jusrt received the following message from Stirling Swim regarding their swim met this weekend:

Hi Everyone

With an eye on the weather I just wanted to get in touch regarding the
gala this weekend.

As you may have seen on their website and Facebook page, The Peak closed
early today. However, they have confirmed that the plan currently is
for our gala to go ahead over the weekend. Please keep an eye on the
Peak website and FB pages for further updates. We will also put any
further updates on our club FB Page (Stirling Swimming).

The Peak have also asked me to make you all aware that there is also
another large scale event taking place on Sunday, therefore the car park
will be extremely busy.

At the moment it has stopped snowing and although there is plenty of
snow on the ground, the roads in the Stirling area have all been gritted
and are currently clear. Please keep an eye on weather forecasts for any